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About us
We create projects and bring them to life.

We work in the style of constructivism.

Constructivism is about convenience, strictness of geometry and solidity of appearance.

Kateryna Kildinova. Co-owner and a chief designer. Ms. Kildinova has worked in design since 2003 and is experienced in work of all types of interior furnishing. Kateryna knows how to meet the highest expectations of clients.

Peter Kildinov. Co-owner and project manager. Peter has over 20 years of experience in construction scope and people management.
Our main purpose – to create a friendly ambience space, where you would take to it like a duck in water.
Time is the most precious commodity we have.
You can share it with your loved ones, or spend it on travelling, hobbies or a job you love. Let us save you your time and spend ours on our favorite work.
Who is our client
Our clients value serenity and their time. It is important for customers to work with professionals, which will organize and take everything under control.

Our client’s priority is quality.
Our team
“I am absorbed with my work. Successful result of my work is the greatest satisfaction I receive, likewise expressing myself in the handwritten sketches and loving my family. ”
Co-owner and chief designer
Kateryna Kildinova
Co-owner and project manager
Peter Kildinov
“Poet and musician, founder and the leader of a rock band in my youth. I like to participate in the development of a variety of processes, enjoy the final result, and adore solving new issues.”
Head of renovation and construction works
Vitaliy Tukalo
“I am a fan of active leisure and sports. I love four-pawed fellows and music. I find it important for all processes to work smoothly and for a successful final result."
Digital-маrketing manager
Kateryna Liubova
“I am constantly learning new things in my life. I like dancing and psychology. I find it interesting to observe how things which were in my mind are materializing.”
Interior designer
Kateryna Mozzhakova
“I live by the principles of «believe, assert, dream». I like running activities and anyone who has ears and tails are my fellows. I adore my family and love my job.”
Interior designer
Elyzaveta Zaitseva
“I am fond of sports, woods and learning. I am a great fan of «The Lord of the Rings». It may sound trite, but I love my life. I adore to create, embody and take actions in my work."
Interior designer
Viktoriya Arkhipenko
“I love my son, creative work, fellow dogs, travelling and active leisure. I enjoy the successful result of my work and the sparkly eyes of clients when they get excited from the outcome.”
Technical manager
Olexandr Iliuk
“I have quite an interest in technology, moto sports, and running. I get immense pleasure from the fact that the result of my work benefits and works properly.”
Let us get acquainted
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+38 063 874 17 15
Novokostiantynovska str, 2А, Кyiv, Ukraine
+38 063 874 17 15
Novokostiantynovska str, 2А, Кyiv, Ukraine
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